Fragen und Antworten


Are the beeswax wraps approved for use with food?
Yes, our beeswax wipes are regularly tested by an international food laboratory. Therefore, we can assure you that our wipes are approved for food packaging according to European guidelines.

Can I use my formula? Your wipes are too sticky / dry / hard / greasy / etc. for me.
Yes, no problem. As a producer, we can very easily respond to your individual wishes and produce according to your exact recipe.

Can you send me samples?
Sure, no problem. Samples you get even free of charge! Just write us a short mail what kind of samples you would like to have and your address, then we send you samples within 24h.

Where does your cotton come from?
From Turkey. In addition, all cotton fabrics are GOTS certified and thus the cotton is not only "BIO" but also social standards are ensured. Similar to Fairtrade products, but for cotton.

Where does your beeswax come from?
It depends... Our beeswax from controlled organic cultivation (kba, often also not correctly called "BIO beeswax") from Eastern Europe, but is cleaned and pastilled in Germany. The conventional beeswax varies depending on the batch. On request, we write you what we currently have there.

Do you produce by hand or with a machine?
This question has already caused many discussions internally. Another question: when a bag is sewn with a sewing machine, is that handwork, or is that machine-made? Exactly the same applies to our production. As you can see on our image video, we have machines that help us a lot in the production. However, the whole thing is still connected with a lot of manual work. So everyone must answer this question for themselves ;-)

Why am I being doted on by you? I would like to be addressed formally. I come from an old noble family and find this an impertinence.
It's best not to make an inquiry. We are simply not on the same wavelength. Respectfully, the management.

Do you use Arch Linux?
Of course.

Do you really not use cookies on your website?
Hard to believe, but yes, we really do not use cookies. We are happy that you have landed with us and if you make a request we are really happy about it. But if you should leave the website silently and secretly, that's no problem either.